“Akhmetov” IE

Production of confectionery products.

“Akhmetov” IE, Shymkent city

Production of confectionery products.

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mark  Amount of financing - 23.7 mln.tg
mark  Production capacity - 200 tons of confectionery per year
mark  Open work place - 14

Akhmetov IE is a manufacturer of various types of confectionery products. Assortment * caramel, chocolate waffles, cookies and so on. - In total 1200 varieties. Galileo's new equipment was purchased for the production of confectionery products. Today, confectionery products are available to Shymkent city and residents of the region.
Uniqueness of the project:
1) product without preservatives
2) The assortment of products is constantly updated taking into account the wishes of consumers Receive

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