About Company

In 2009 South Kazakhstan governor’s administration established ONTUSTIK Regional Investment Centre (RIC), which since has been investing into priority sectors of the economy at preferential interest rates.

The activity of the institution plays an important role in the support of entrepreneurship in rural areas, including remote areas. ONTUSTIK RIC mainly finances Industrialization map projects, as well as agricultural product production & processing and innovation projects. That is to say that the target niche of ONTUSTIK RIC is agribusiness and Industrialization map projects that are unattractive to the second-tier banks but still belong to the priority sectors of the region’s economy.

The company’s mission is to facilitate the industrial, innovative, social and economic development of South Kazakhstan Region through financing priority sectors of the economy.

Distinctive loan features of ONTUSTIK RIC:

  • real estate properties located in rural areas are accepted as collateral;
  • start-up project funding;
  • moderate interest rates (7% for loans, 8% for financial lease);
  • attractive financing terms (flexible loan and financial lease repayment schedule);
  • no free for granting and servicing the loan;
  • for the convenience of the population there are regional representatives of Yrys Microfinance Institution LLP at all the district center.