Briefly about the company

"Yrys" MFO is a subsidiary company of LLP "RIC" Ontustik "

The Yrys microfinance organization has been working in the credit market since April 2009.

Regional representatives of MFO works in each district of the South Kazakhstan region.

The main goal of the "Yrys" MFO is to develop entrepreneurship in the countryside by providing microcredit to the socially-oriented industries of the South Kazakhstan region. The conditions offered by Yrys MFO are simplified for maximum accessibility: funding is provided for both current and starting business projects, the interest rate for the microcredits granted is from 6% to 14% per annum (depending on the source of financing), while there are no various fees. It should be noted that 90% of the funded projects are located in rural areas.


1. The only MFO in the SKR with a 7% interest rate.

2. For the convenience of entrepreneurs in obtaining loans and financial leasing, regional managers work in each district of the South-Kazakhstan region, the main function of which is to provide advice on lending and assistance in collecting the necessary documents for obtaining a loan.

3. As security for MFO "Yrys" accept residential and commercial real estate owned by the borrower, located within the city and in the countryside (regardless of the building materials), agricultural land and transport.

4. There are no fees for the provision and maintenance of credit.

5. Attractive financing conditions (flexible repayment schedule for loans and leasing).


In 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded "Yrys" MFO by diploma for its contribution to the development of agriculture.

In 2014 «Yrys» MFO was assigned a rating of "B stable" by the rating agency "Microfinanza Rating"



Republic of Kazakhstan, South-Kazakhstan region, Shymkent, Baidibek bi 27A.

phone    +7(7252) 426421, +7(7252) 426373

schedule: 9.00-19.00 /  dinner: 13.00-15.00 ,  output: saturday, sunday

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