The exhibition "RIC ON KO'RME"

For the first time in the city of Shymkent, the fair "RIC ON KO'RME" was staged, in which the products of commodity producers are financed by the Regional Investment Center "ONТUSTIK" and the microfinance organization "Yrys". The population of the city had the opportunity to buy products directly from farmers and entrepreneurs at wholesale prices. For these purposes, the company provided free platforms, as well as various conditions for both sellers and buyers.

In general, 40 entrepreneurs exhibited their goods at prices below the market at the fair. Most of them are food products, such as meat and milk products, fish and sausage products, vegetables and fruits. In addition, there are exhibits of light industry goods, handicrafts, building materials, and toys for children. The most important thing is all this is done in our south and financed by the investment center.





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